Dine With Me: Gwen Stefani

Dine With Me | Gwen Stefani | Dine X Design
We don’t know one gal (or some guys, for that matter) who haven’t had a moment they wished they could rock it like Gwen Stefani. She first won us over as the leading Siren of Ska, inspiring countless hairbrush mirror sing-athons around the globe…and then continued  to excite the world throughout the years as we’ve all  tried (and failed?) to follow her every fashionable move.
Gwen Stefani is the perfect subject for the “Dine With Me” project, with her iconic draping of Black and White…not to mention that signature pop of glamorous red lip…oh won’t you dine with us (and make us an honorary Harajuku Girl) Gwen Stefani…..
Dine With Me | Gwen Stefani| Dine X Design
Bold. This is what Gwen Stefani’s style is known for. A mix of  playful, yet structured contrasting pieces mixing  Hollywood glamour and  modern street-style… together a combination that screams ultimate chic. While setting out to create a table setting inspired by this monochromatic maven, we layered on the patterns but kept things balanced using only graphically focused black and white pieces. Stripes, dots and a little abstract animal print all nodding to this female’s fierce styling…not to forget a few pyramid studs to remind us of where this gal started, jamming out in Orange County garages, studded bra straps, white under-tanks and all.
Of course no one can deny the flawless way this woman wears a red lip, to complete the look we celebration of her cosmetic charisma by pulling together a delicate, yet architecturally structured floral arrangement that would bring the pop into the pop star of  this table.
Dine With Me | Gwen Stefani | Floral Details | Dine X Design
Floral Focus
For Gwen Stefani, we decided the florals should be the main pop of color in the table-scape, so they needed to make a statement. 
We choose three elements to compose this arrangement: 
  • Dahlias for the graphic, almost geometric, structure and deep red color
  • Scabiosa for that wonderful deep purple color that looks black, and varying texture depending on how open the bloom is
  • Veronica for a bright pop of white, and it’s looser structure to keep the arrangement from looking too modern (read: steril). 
As we arranged, we wanted the flowers to be the center of attention so we choose simple white vessels, and let the blooms themselves dictate the shape of the arrangement. We also took into consideration the height and placement of the other items on the table to ensure a nice visual flow. 
Once everything came together on the table we made minor adjustments until things felt balanced and appealing while still managing to create that graphical WOW. 
~ Danae Horst, Photography & Floral Styling
“I like the contrast and the clash and the resulting balance you get from mixing soft and hard elements. I go back to that inspiration over and over again.” – Gwen Stefani
We couldn’t agree more Gwen. You’re ability to play off masculine and feminine silhouettes with a hypnotizing contrast of bold graphics have us forever on the search to create the perfect closet. We’re loving your look translated onto the table, perhaps L.A.M.B should look into a home line? Give us a call when you’re ready to get that started…
Dine With Me | Gwen Stefani | Dine X Design
How does this stunning style icon influence you? Is there a particular look of hers over the years that you gravitate to most? Let us know about it below – and while you’re at it, we want to hear who you’d like to see turned into a stylized tabletop next!
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Dine With Me” is a DXD Original Series and ongoing study and creative experiment on how to
translate iconic figures, concepts and ideals into a thoughtfully designed table top.
Styling & Creative Direction: Kristin Guy
Styling, Photography & Floral Design: Danae Horst

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