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You Got Served | Alana Kysar | Dine X Design


There is something effortlessly chic about Alana Kysar. She’s the type of gal who’s always put together, that guest who knows just what to bring to the party…never without that glowing sunshine disposition. Basically she’s really good at making you feel at home. Must be those Maui roots mixed with her chill California style that instantly puts you at ease. Instant island time, on the real.

Her website Fix Feast Flair just as warm and fuzzy as she is. A collection fresh approachable recipes, gorgeously lit photos and a BFF writing style that will keep you engaged through each spirited post. I think what we love about her is that she’s just so darn easy to like…and in a day and age where everyone is trying to get a piece of the action, it’s refreshing to meet someone who is as genuine in person as they are on the interwebz.

But trust us, she’s got some exciting spotlight action too! Alana is a mover and a shaker…Ahem…recently announced as winner of The Saveur Reader’s Choice Award for best new voice. So we suggest keeping an eye on her…because we can’t wait to see what she whips up next!

You got served…by Fix Feast Flair.

You Got Served Fix Feast Flair | Box 006 | Dine X Design

You Got Served: The Rules
~Subject must choose and work with at least two items and one textile from the mystery box
~Location and surface area up to the discretion of the subject
~One additional textile, prop, and food/botanicals can be selected from the subject’s private collection

  You Got Served | Dine X Design | Alana Kysar

Do you have a routine or game plan when it comes to styling with props for your photos? 

I wish! Gosh, that would probably be helpful, huh?! Kidding. Actually, I favor minimal and clean design, so I think that kind of translates in my styling and propping. That whole less is more approach seems to work when it comes to styling food. It’s important to me to capture and share the process when I can, so I usually try to set up my tripod and get a few step by step shots while I’m working. I tend to favor propping with ingredients, so I start with those and then integrate recipe specific props and textiles if needed.

You Got Served | Fix Feast Flair | Dine X Design

What’s your Serving Style? Brand new/on trend, unique vintage originals, particular colors?  

I try not to pay too much attention to what’s on trend. I’m a huge fan of neutrals but love bright pops of color. I feel like my serving style’s two parts minimal and modern and one part warm and rustic. I think it’s beautiful when you can find a happy balance between two total opposites.

Alana Kysar | You Got Served | Dine X Design

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection? What’s the story behind it?
The piece I love the most is this teeny, tiny teak spoon. Moses (my BF) and I randomly picked it up at Chelsea Market on our first trip (together) to NY and it just makes me so happy each time I use it. It’s the simple things, right?

You Got Served | Dine X Design | Fix Feast Flair

If you could get a hold of any item for your kitchen or tabletop, what do you currently have your eye on?

I dream of building up an arsenal of Humble Ceramics. Delphine has found that perfect and magical balance between elegance and rusticness (did I just make up that word) and I feel like each and every piece she creates is a work of art.

Fix Feast Flair | You Got Served | Dine X Design

If you could express your personal style in 3 emojis, what would they be?

Alana Emoji Style

You Got Served | Alana Kysar | Dine X Design


We love what Alana put together. A modern still life with a poppy punch. Simply chic, casual fun and perfectly balanced. Also these tiny cakes are almost too cute to eat. But don’t worry…we totally ate them.

Check out more of her delicious creations on Fix Feast Flair as well as behind the scenes and all around gallivanting (hello trip to Malta!?) on Alana’s instaram!



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