Summer Cocktails For The Guys: Cost Plus World Market

Island Time Falernum Cocktail | Dine X Design

OH Daddy-O!

All the years we struggle to come up with the perfect gift of appreciation for those Dads in our life. Molecular Gastronomy Kit? Blue Tooth Grilling Thermometer!? A V68d Drone with HD Camera?!?! When did it become so techno-impossible to find the right gift to expresses our gratitude to those men in our lives?! And where gadgets are awesome, nothing says I love you like spending a little one on one time with each other while mixing up a few drinks and eats to enjoy together over good conversation.

In the name of quality time,  we teamed up with Cost Plus World Market to put together three unique Fathers Day cocktails that will ease pops into an instant lawn chair (or couch!) vacation state of mind. Whether he enjoys a grill-side beer or a fancier shaken sip, we’ve taken three classic libations and turned them on their head with some unique twists. Each guaranteed to make this weekend…and all summer, for that matter….a much needed stay-cation to relax with loved ones. Fathers Day Cocktails | Dine X Design

Smoked Tomato Beer Cocktail | Dine X Design

Spicy Smoked Tomato Beer Cocktail

Is there anything more manly than combining smoke, spice and beer? Maybe yes, but this is one of our favorite summertime drinks. This zippy refresher is an update to the typical Michelada, with the juice of smoked tomatoes, spicy habanero BBQ rub (you heard that right) and cerveza of your choice. There’s a little mad scientist aspect to this process as well –  freezing the smoked tomato mixture in a sphere ice cube mold – which totally makes for a super cold refreshment and unexpected presentation.

Feeling thirsty!? Get the recipe here!


Island Time Falernum Cocktail | Dine X Design


Falernum Tiki Cocktail

Sometimes dad just wants a shaken drink and a classic movie. We’ve updated the traditional Tiki Cocktail into something a bit more sophisticated and playful using all-spice notes of falernum and sweet pineapple soda. One (or two!) of these will get everyone on island time in no time. One way ticket to paradise please!

Feeling Tropical & Swanky? Get the recipe here!





Sriracha & Smoked Blood Orange Margarita

When it comes to margaritas, you don’t need a sandy beach to get the feeling of ocean-side relaxation. Bring vacation to the backyard with this spicy sriracha blood orange margarita and a smoked mesquite salt rim. A bold drink filled with surprise, this is a refreshing and powerful update to a south of the border classic – perfect for your weekend fiesta celebrating El Numero Uno Dad.

Ready to dive into a whole pitcher? Get the recipe here!



Gosh – it suddenly really feels like summertime! We don’t know about you, but we’ll be making more than just one serving of these cocktails, pulling up a lawn chair and enjoying them alongside dad. Cheers!

For full recipes and links to the ingredients and styling items used, visit the Cost Plus World Market Blog!

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