Adventures in Robotic Housekeeping: bObsweep


My husband and I (oh and don’t forget our Soft-Coated Wheaten puppy Ginger!) recently purchased our first home and have dove headfirst into the joys and the hard work that comes with turning a new house into your own home. Which involves all the exciting things like picking out new light fixtures, testing out new paint colors…and the occasional unglamorous moments such as having to fix your washer and dryer with a little steel wool, Rust-Oleum and elbow grease. Not to mention the never ending floor cleaning from all the unpacking and moving things around.

Oh reality!

A new house also means new kinds of messes – believe it or not I’m having to retrain myself how to move around a kitchen after the last 7 years cooking in a small galley layout. More floor space means more opportunities for me to spill…everything. Which I do a lot of. Not to mention Ginger is tracking in every possible leaf and dirty bit from the backyard…in addition to spreading my current mess from the kitchen into the rest of the house. HELP!


Enter bObsweep PetHair…Ginger’s new bestie and my futuristic maid-bot that has flung me into a beautiful Jetson’s reality! 

After a quick flip through the getting started guide Bob was off and running. He even took charge of my clumsy flour incident of 2016 captured here…plus the little white dusted paw prints that ginger tracked into the dining room. Oh Bob, you’re the greatest!!

Song: Tame Impala, Let It Happen

Constant cleanup while working on multiple recipe development projects plus trying to tame the tracked-in doggy dirt could become a full time job of going crazy – but Bob has brightened my day (and floors!) by taking on the tasks of sweeping, vacuuming and even mopping up a few troublesome spots with a very easy to clean attachments!


Hot diggity dog… this robo-man maid really knows how to make a girl happy! Bob’s quick, he transitions from my wood floors to large area rugs while navigating between dining table and chair legs with ease. He’s not as loud as some other vacuums and I particularly like his compact size which doesn’t overwhelm my (lack of) closet space.  In a word, bObsweep PetHair won me over immediately…and eventually Ginger too! 


With cleanings I can schedule ahead of time, or request on demand via his handy remote – Bob really allows me a bit of extra free time out of the kitchen between messy shoots to spend with my little nugget Ginger Rocket…who I can’t really be mad at making a mess in the first place. Nope! Not with a beard like that.

Even if you don’t have a pup –I think you should go adopt a bObsweep PetHair of your own! Bob is a master of the mess and he’s pretty fun to watch go at it too. 

Here’s to happy hands-free cleaning my friends!

Photography by Danae Horst


Thank you to the fine folks at bObsweep for sending us our new helpful family member, this product was provided for review but all opinions…and celebrations of cleanliness…are 100% my own.

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