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Holy hot summer!

The weather is blazing right now and I don’t know about you, but I’m seeking shelter in the shade…or inside of an ice cube, whichever comes first. Where I love to throw a patio party this time of year, some afternoons are just too sizzling to be enjoyable. So let’s pack it up and move the party indoors for a little chilled out fun in the AC…in fact, just let yourself in because I’m laying in front of the air vent as we speak.

When it comes to hosting gatherings around a table indoors, most often think that all the best dishes should come out. I’m personally a big fan of occasionally pulling out the paper plates and napkins and adding them to the mix. Because as a person who spends (what feels like) 88% of my work week cleaning up my own messes, sometimes it’s just nice to take a day off from that nonsense and enjoy a little victory called kitchen sink freedom.

Luckily these days there are some pretty dynamic looking paper entertaining pieces to show off your individual style. And for this little mid summer soirée, we’re styling up a chic black and white graphic table with glam products from Papyrus. I was particularly drawn to the Black & Goldrush pattern which is bold, modern and a super fun pop of personality for summer gatherings – big or small. So if you’re looking to throw a spontaneous brunch for the gals, or host a more planned out event like a birthday or baby shower – this is a perfect look! And don’t worry…if geometric table styling has you anxious – it’s going to be okay! I’ve rounded up a handful of ideas to help you set a boldly beautiful table all your own.

Shall we pop open the bubbles and get started?! I say YES!

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Soften With A Pop Of Color & Natural Textures:

When dressing the table with bold hits of black and white, you want to try and soften the surroundings. By incorporating natural textures such as raw linen in a hand died hue or marble for a stark yet romantic background you’ll set the stage for your geometric accents to pop! I’m still feeling Pantone’s Greenery color of the year and thought this earthy neutral paired with the black and white would make for a modern update on a garden party.

Florals That Freshen: 

Who doesn’t love an excuse to buy flowers!? Play with the colors already on the table using whites, light greens, dark purples and then add a complimentary light shade of blush or peach for a subtle contrast that won’t make everything appear too busy. For an easy centerpiece, try using different sized black vessels from your collection on top of a marble trivet. Shallow ceramic bowls make for great vases when using a floral frog, and taller pieces such as sake pitchers give an unexpected elegance in height.

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Match The Meal:

Here is your moment to show off  your culinary skills. There are surprisingly some sophisticated ways to add black and white drama onto the plate as well. Try squid ink pasta with a light white wine garlic sauce and seared scallops. Or an update to your avocado toast with finely sliced black radishes pickled in rice wine vinegar. Sprinkle in some freshness with chopped herbs and edible petals for an extravagant spread that is surprisingly easy to pull off! 

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Doll Up The Drinks:

Whether you’re serving a cocktail or mocktail, glassware and garnishes are you best friends when hosting a party. Bring in the gold details of the napkins with a rimmed flute and accent each drink with a bloom from your bouquet for a seamless theme threaded throughout the table. 

No Mess, No Stress:

Who needs to be washing dishes after a day of entertaining? No, you’ve done quite enough already! Luckily Papyrus has a wide variety of fashionable and high quality entertaining pieces that will work with any kind of party or any kind of meal you have in mind this summer. Because there’s nothing better than after a long day preparing for the fun knowing that you’re able to relax at the end. You can grab these glitzy pieces for your own black and white graphic table over on the Papyrus website! 

Cheers to beating the heat in style – I can’t wait to see what you create!!

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