Candy Cane Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha

Dine X Design | Pepperment Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha

We know what you’re thinking. A caffeinated cotton candy drink? With ice cream?!

Now stick with us here a minute…it might sound like an absurd holiday concoction,  but we assure you it not only looks like a gift from Santa, it darn tastes like one too.

Inspired by a trip to a hidden Los Angeles Gem,  Cafe Maji, a quaint little coffee spot tucked above an nondescript gymnasium we discovered many visually pleasing treats. Including the existence of  a “snow affogato”. This cloud-like sweet drink has since delighted many on our instagram feed and now stimulated our mad scientist ways into creating our own seasonally stunning treat: The Candy Cane Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha.

A mouthful to day, yes…but it’s also the most show stopping drink to make an appearance this Christmas. We’re sure of it.

Dine X Design | Pepperment Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha | Holiday Recipes


Candy Cane Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha

 2 candy canes (or pre-made peppermint cotton candy if you don’t have a machine handy)
1-2  shots of espresso
4-6oz hot chocolate
Vanilla ice cream
If using a cotton candy maker, follow the specific directions on your  machine. We recommend this little dandy machine for home experiments. Place one scoop of ice cream into a mug and create a cotton candy hood over the top of the mug. Pour hot espresso and hot chocolate over cotton candy, allowing it to melt into sweet peppermint liquid over the ice cream. Enjoy warm with a spoon!
Dine X Design | Pepperment Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha | Holiday Drink Recipes
For kid-friendly version, remove the espresso component for a decaf treat.
For a slightly less sweet version, use only espresso or experiment with coffee.
For an adult kick, add a little Baileys Irish Cream or Kahlua…go on, it’s the holidays!

Candy Cane Cotton Candy Snow Affogato Mocha | Dine X Design

Watching the cotton candy melt over the ice cream with a delicate pour over of espresso and hot chocolate is just as thrilling as your first sip. A visually stunning and unique new treat that is making all of us feel like kids this holiday…and hopefully all winter long.


Creative Direction, Styling  & Recipe: Kristin Guy
Photography: Danae Horst
Ceramics: Bauer Pottery


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Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy is a Los Angeles based creative consultant specializing in a food-focused lifestyle. A lover of stripes and fluent in the love language called emoji...she is the Creative Director & Editor of Dine X Design.


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    Sarah | The Sugar Hit

    I love this x1000.

  • Reply December 26, 2014


    This is BEYOND!! So freakin incredible, Kristin! I love this so so so much.

  • Reply January 5, 2015


    WHATTTTT. I just went to Cafe Maji for the first time for my birthday last week – this is such perfect timing, I just want to recreate that entire place in my apartment. Can’t wait to try this recipe!!

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